If you haven’t got time to think about marketing, your marketing will be easy!

As you’ll know if you’ve read the ‘About Us’ page, I’m a mum. I love having my own
business because it gives me the flexibility to be with my gorgeous and amazing daughter
untitledall the time when she isn’t at pre-school, and I feel really fortunate to be able to work in this way. But in reality, like pretty much every other working parent in the world, my family commitments still mean that business admin falls to the bottom of the list of priorities.

Lots of people see good communications and good marketing as part of their business admin – a boring and annoying part. And here’s the funny bit – I kind of agree with you! I only concentrate on building my business after everything else is done.

I even think this attitude is healthy. Marketing people often talk about the amount of time business owners should devote to marketing and communications, and nowadays especially to social media. The reality is that it can be counterproductive to do that. If you’re a builder and you have work, you get on with it. Are you really going to turn down a job one afternoon because it’s time to do some marketing? Nope. Your website, your Facebook page or your new leaflet ends up at the back of the queue. People often find marketing annoying and stressful. I don’t think that’s a failing and I aim to build strategies which understand this.

One of the principles that I’ve based my business on is that marketing and communications is a servant to your business or organisation. Whatever you do, that work is your priority, and your dedication to it is what will bring you success. Of course a good social media presence or a well-written, informative leaflet (or whatever else will work for what you do) will help get you noticed by new customers, but it’s what you do in your day job that’s the real winner. It’s often the people who struggle to make time to think about marketing during the course of their working day who have the best businesses to sell and the strongest ideas for how to sell it. They have interesting content and they understand their audience – they just don’t know it yet! I love working with them!

In conclusion, if you think you haven’t got time for marketing and communications you will probably find that a small investment of time and effort will reap huge rewards. Don’t think of it as ‘marketing’ – all you are doing is presenting the work you do to people that might be interested in it. I’d love to help you do this!

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