Services and prices

We like to agree our fees up front and in advance and will always honour quoted time estimates. Where possible, we like to agree a package price. The price list below details some of the services we offer, but please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and get a personalised quote.

Communications strategy and planning

General communications strategy consultation: we can advise you on what communications channels would be most effective for your business, including print, web, social media and lots more interesting stuff! If you’re already up and running we can help you optimise or ‘makeover’ your current operations. We can also help you plan or update your content strategy. Initial consultations can be either face-to-face or by phone or FaceTime.

Fee: £30 per hour

Get started with social media

Consultation session, ideally face-to-face or alternatively by phone or FaceTime to help you understand social media and work out how best to use it for your business. We can advise you on what channels you might consider using, and then help you get started by offering training programmes and/or setting up packages depending on your requirements.

Fee: £25 for an initial one-hour session, then £30 per hour for follow up work

Copywriting – for press releases, reports, you name it

High-quality content writing for a variety of purposes – keyword-rich, clear and concise.

Fee: £30 per hour


Full proofread plus edits to improve clarity, expression and readability, and/or to build in keywords for search engine optimisation.

Fee: £25 per hour


A basic hunt for typos and errors in copy (according to your house style if applicable).

Fee: £20 per hour

Print publications – leaflets, flyers, posters

We can produce bespoke leaflets, flyers, posters and other print publications including copywriting, graphic design and print.

Fee: £20-30 per hour depending on content creation required, plus design and print costs depending on project size

Create a WordPress website or blog

We can create a simple, keyword-rich, mobile friendly WordPress website or blog for your business, either using your existing site as a basis or from scratch. (For an example of our work look around this site!)

Fee: £150 for a simple website with a small number of pages and supplied text – prices agreed in advance for more complex sites and for sites requiring copyediting or copywriting (see rates above)